placed a pick up order on our way to pigeon forge (sushi, chicken teriyaki, drunken noodles, crab Rangoon) overall the food was what you’d expect from Asian takeout but the teriyaki chicken lacked the flavors we were looking for (not as sauced, missed thicker teriyaki)


Asian Cafe has the best Japanese and Chinese takeout cuisine.

Most of all there menu is just endless with so many fresh made to order entrees.

My two sons and love their hibachi chicken and all of their delicious desserts.


Asia Cafe has some of the best Thai food I’ve had this side of the Mississippi River. The crab ragoons were crispy perfection. The Tom pak soup was super flavorful- was a little disappointed that it was only mushrooms and chicken, others I’ve had has tomatoes, potatoes, and bamboo shoots too. The flavor was fantastic though and very heated. We also ordered the pad thai(my favorite!) and the yellow curry. The pad Thai was phenomenal with rich flavors, veggies, peanuts, and limes. Even after a long delivery it was amazing. The yellow curry had tons of veggies and I really enjoyed that. I will definitely be returning. If delivery was this good, I can’t even imagine how good it’ll be fresh at the table. Even my dad who had never had Thai food before loved it and wants to go back. His favorite was the pad Thai too! Heeeeeey Asia Cafe, I’ll be coming back for you! Holla at ya girl!


The AC opened at this location about a year ago but it has taken me this long to make it by. I have visited the other location a number of times and have always enjoyed their food. Their Hibachi Chicken is very tasty and comes with soup and salad for $9.98. I can never finish the whole thing either and I usually don’t have leftovers. The decor really puts this place at a 5 star experience.


My lady and I stopped by here on a whim and we’re happy we did. Service was great, food was great. The restaurant and bar area were clean as expected considering the current COVID-19 issues we all are forced to live with, although it would appear that the premises has been kept very well regardless. Very casual atmosphere with a most friendly greeting and serving staff.

The food was certainly on par with more expensive establishments of similar taste but the serving size was much more ample. We most definitely will be returning.


On my Top Ten List for 2019!

Much to our delight we found Asia Cafe, a very good Asian food restaurant in Knoxville (Powell). We go out a lot, looking for exceptional restaurants and places that we can recommend.